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Drop.io is an online file storage service which is characterized by its peculiar way of sharing contents on the web.

This unusual method consists of creating storage units called drops. Each drop is independent of the others and entirely private, with access password-protected.

You can assign permission to access, modify and download to your drops as you create them.

Once you have created a drop you can store any type of file in it: images, videos, audio files, documents, etc. In each drop you can also store other types of element such as notes and links.

How do you access your drops? It's really simple: every time you create a drop you can assign it a URL address. This is a unique address and you can only share it with a person with whom you want to
collaborate in this particular drop. And if I forget the drop's URL? At any time you can retrieve your drops' URL addresses from the home page.

If you like working in the cloud and organizing your files and notes in a single place you really ought to check out Drop.io.
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